I'm a freelance portrait, event and residential photographer. I have over 10 years experience in photography and use this knowledge to produce the highest quality results for my clients. I live in Melbourne's inner west with his wife and two children.

Select Client ListPublications
Digital Photography InhouseCyclic Defrost Magazine
Happy Medium PhotographyLarge Magazine
Supersports ImagesArts Almanac
99 Studios
McSherry O’Brien & Cranky PantsExhibitions & Festivals
Victoria University
Studio Pacific ArchitectureCentre of Contemporary Photography
The International of BrightonLinden Gallery
Melbourne International Film FestivalDante’s Upstairs Gallery
Williamstown Literature FestivalFromage Multimedia Festival
Walshey FilmsBig West Festival
ClingtoneWhite Night

Andrew is also available for beginning studio lighting private tutoring as well as small group teaching.